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Proud to be a Prestonian. RIP Sir Tom, a legend in Preston

Mick H 

RIP Sir Tom one of footballs legends and one of Preston's greatest men, sadly missed but never forgotten.


sir tom ,I have been a fan for many years memories of you will stay with me for the rest of my life,p.n.e want be the same with you gone,but we will still be the best football club around,you was a true gent and we will never forget that ,see you in the next life r.i.p sir tom ,from a true fan from preston,andy I'anson

andy I'anson 

RIP Sir Tom. A truly great man and a true gentleman on and off the football pitch. You will be sorely missed by all those who knew you.

Matthew Castle 

Met sir Tom Finney and his lovely wife a few times over the years, he was a true gentleman. Will be sadly missed.

Dawn Holden 

RIP Sir Tom. Gone but not forgotten. I thank my late father immensely for taking me to Deepdale as a young boy on alternative Saturday afternoons; to see who dad described as "The greatest footballer ever." I echo those sentiments too.

John Mason : Carramar;Western Australia 

so many people cant be wrong, really was a legend


Sir Tom belonged to Preston and proud Prestonians ,Preston belonged to him. Let's not forget though that he is a much loved father and grandfather, our loss is great but his family's is greater.
Gone but never forgotten. RIP Sir Tom, a man few of us met but all felt that we knew.


Sir Tommy.Prestons son.You will never walk alone.God bless you and RIP .From my old Dad Mr Ken Perks.

Chrissy Varey 

Although I never actually met you, I feel as though I knew you. I am sure most Prestonians feel the same. I grew up knowing of your skill as a player, and the fact that you were a true gentleman. Rest in Peace Sir Tom. You will be sorely missed.

Catherine Martland 

0.0 1.0 904 904 RIP Tommy, I remember lying in bed at the old Preston Royal Infirmary, just after Christmas 1950, I'd been knocked down by a car going to Choir Practice and my mum and dad had let Fan Tributes