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RIP Tom You were the best footballer ever produced by this country. We will never have a football player like you


The final whistle has blown - rest in peace Sir Tom - a legend gone but never forgotten x


Rip sir tom i never met u personally but know that u was a true gentleman may ur memory live on in preston and all over the world another angel in gods garden reunited with his wife may u rest in peace goodnight godbless sir tom gone but never forgotten sweet dreams xxx

jeanette mckenzie 

I was saddened to hear about the passing of Sir Tom Finney. My Dad was a life long Preston fan and Sir Tom was his hero, so when my Dad retired and he became involved with a company where he got to know and become friends with Sir Tom, things couldn't get much better for him! When my Dad was nearing the end of his life and in hospital, he had his eyes closed and was mumbling, the only words I recognised was not the name of his lovely wife....but that of Sir Tom. He attended my Dads funeral, which was very special, as my Dad would have been so proud. So many fond memories of a true gentleman. RIP Sir Tom Finney. Xx


A true legend on the pitch, a status only magnified by his decency and humility off it. An example and role model just as much for now and the future as at any time in the past.


Some people grew up on tales of Robin Hood and William Wallace, the people of preston were lucky to grow up on tales of there own legend Sir Tom Finney rip

Ray cairns 

Rip sir tom you will be missed by every north end fan a true gentleman the city of preston will miss you so much the football world has lost a great man xxx

alan swindels 

Never had the pleasure of seeing you play but you are and always will be a true Gentleman. Rest in Peace Sir Tom


I saw him play a couple of times - complete control of the ball, complete control of himself, always did the right things.

I hope all plumbers will be as honest and hardworking as the Preston Plumber, and never try to cheat. I hope we will all remember the Preston Plumber when we turn a tap or flush a toilet today and in days to come. And when we see water following its course to rejoin the ocean from whence it came, I hope we reflect on the spirit of Tom Finney, an example to us all in life and in death. Rest In Peace, Sir, and THANK YOU!


Preston my birthplace near Deepdale my first football kit PNE, my childhood a short distance from the stadium my Preston my God please look after Sir Tom he gave us all his life to share.

Rest and sleep in peace Preston loves you, sweet dreams.

Stuart Horton

stuart horton 

0.0 1.0 904 904 RIP Tommy, I remember lying in bed at the old Preston Royal Infirmary, just after Christmas 1950, I'd been knocked down by a car going to Choir Practice and my mum and dad had let Fan Tributes