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Sir Tom - a true legend and lovely man you will be missed by the people of Preston. Good night God bless. The Thompson Family x

Nicola Thompson 

Rip sir tom I hope the team do u proud this season and get promoted and dedicate it to u

Stephen wearden 

Dear Tom
I've always wanted to meet you, now I know that I will never ever do.
You have left us in this February night , making it sad and leaving us helpless in the face of tragic news .
I've never met you, I've never seen you play football , but I always had the feeling to know you, your reassuring smile welcomed me at Deepdale , the statue dedicated to you to honor your greatness made me look at it was enough to feel close to you.
I like to think you now find yourself in heaven where perhaps many old mates, perhaps even the Invincibles and you will have fun together as in the days when the " Football was Football" kicking a ball , maybe a cloud ..
These are words that come from my heart , it does not need many , in times like these better silence even with prayers to you and your family , dear Tom , let me call you that because , without wanting to fall in rhetoric , I feel like it's failed a friend, because in my heart I have always loved you , I always thought of you as a great player , a legend of Preston North End , my team , but mostly I've always considered you a great man.
Leave a huge void , today your fans greet you with all the honors you deserve , those fans who have loved you and will love you forever.
There were moments of pain and emotion , but maybe in the end it will be right to play on, to cheer North End, hope to win , never abandon PNE , just like you did.
I curse the fact of living in Italy , I wish I was there now in front of your statue , as I would be at Deepdale to give a final farewell to applaud in your memory with pride and a few tears that I certainly would fall on my face.
I'll be there with my heart , I will not fail .
I'll leave you ideally , waiting to do it in person , a lilywhite , white as the shirt you wore with honor and pride.

With affection.

Rest in Peace Tom , Rest in Peace Legend.

Sergio Conor Adam 

Although I was never privalidged enough to Meet or See Sir Tom play I was bought up with tales of his skill & greatness by my Father. Ever remined on every visit to Deepdale when visiting my Grandparents in Kirkham. How my Dad stood with his best friend Ray by the wall in the kop end. It meant a great deal when a card arrived in the post to my late father who was dying of Cancer with a message from the Great man. Sending his best wishes and reminding him to fight the good fight.Around the same time I bought my Dad Finnie the autobiography which now houses that card. My Father was burried in his PNE jumper & Tie. Well now they are reunited along with My Fathers friend Ray Hudson who died reently. I did take my two Sons to Deepdale to watch my Team Leicester City play an end of season game To give them an education on football & their Grandads life. I did take the book with me on the day as I had contacted the club regarding meeting 'Our Tom' to get the book dedicated. On arriving I was informed he had not been well. Only to then be told how involved he still was & how he tried to get to all he could. Well Tom you fought a good fight & now at rest. A big loss to PNE, The world and his family who I wish to pass on my condolances.

David Parkinson 

I am Prestonian have been a PNE Supporter since 1958. My mum used to take me to Deepdale when I was a kid, to watch Sir Tom Finny in the 50.s I have been a Preston a fan ever since. When Tom played it was football magic. Tom Finny was "Preston" he put the town on the map. A wonderful man. I was introduced to Sir Tom by Bobby Moore another England legend and a good friend. The event a Tom Finny tribute dinner at the Savoy Hotel in London. All the greats of Engiish football were their to pay homage to Sir Tom. Bobby knew I was a Preston fan so he took me over to meet the great man. On making the introduction. Bobby Moore said. Tom I would like to introduce you to Peter, he from Preston and a big fan, Peter, let me introduce you toTom Finny. "The Greatest Player ever to play for England" Good enough for Bobby Moore says everything. No more to be said. Rest in Peace Sir Tom. Peter Glancy

Peter Glancy 

Sir Tom I am too little to have seen you play but my dad and my uncles say that you are truly the best ever this means you are!!! Rip love Michael and Hannah Wallace

Michael & Hannah Wallace 

Sir Tom you are the best and will be very sadly missed all over the world RIP.

Andrew Wallace 

Proud to be a Prestonian and said id come from same town as Sir Tom Finney.I have a lovely picture of me with Sir Tom that was taken at a charity function I will treasure it forever.Gillian Duxbury

gillian duxbury 

I am the Grandson of Edgar Cunliffe , he was the chairman of Accrington Stanley the first time they were in the football league. My football roots go way back to 1878. Nobody did it better than Sir Tom Finney. It was my privilege to place my Accrington scarf at the Splash statue and to see Sir Tom's cort├Ęge go by. God bless Sir Tom, very probably the greatest player of all time. Certainly a great man.

Peter Cunliffe 

A great ambassador for Proud Preston and a worthy legacy to inspire good in others

Roger Wilson 

0.0 1.0 904 904 RIP Tommy, I remember lying in bed at the old Preston Royal Infirmary, just after Christmas 1950, I'd been knocked down by a car going to Choir Practice and my mum and dad had let Fan Tributes