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Tom Finney is two words which can be translated into another two, class and dignity

Mike Lancaster

Mike Lancaster 

the day my dad took me to see tom finney play as a guest player before leaving the army, that day I became a preston n.e. fan and still am at 84yrs young.
the finest player I ever had the pleasure of watching, you where the greatest, and thank you for the pleasure you gave me on the pitch.

alf webster 

I remember my Dad taking me to Maine Road to watch Tom play for Preston in the mid 1940s.
Along with Matthews, Carter and Frank Swift Tom was one of my idols.
I remember seeing a cartoon and poem in the Daily Despatch which I stuck in my scrap book. It read something like this.
A plumber player oft the cause of certain bursts of applause. When defences spring a leak Prestons Finneys at his peak.
Best wishes Tom, and thanks

Colin Critchlow 

Dear Sir Tom, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the inspiration you were to me in my young days. I have been severely disabled by polio from the age of 10, in 1947. Seeing you play lifted my spirits every time, and I looked forward keenly to every home match. When you switched to entre-forward, it was a revelation!! The 8-0 drubbing of Birmingham, who had an England international goalkeeper (Merrick) and centre half (Smith) was truly thrilling!!
You are a great man,
Thanks for everything!
Raymond Edmondson.

Raymond Edmondson 

My Hero

My childhood, youth and teens
are filled with images of football scenes.
On those winter afternoons
It always took the chill away
When we saw Tom Finney play

He was the best I ever saw play live.
Though kicked and tripped he’d never dive
It was not done. Though games were rough
Our heroes then were of sterner stuff
When we saw Tom Finney play

They used all methods fair and foul
To try to stop this gentle man
And though brought down and tackled late
He never did retaliate,
When we saw Tom Finney play

Though Rooney’s skill is more than ample
He’ll ne’er be fit Tom’s boots to clean
Til he sets kids the same example.
His foul mouthed posturing was never seen
When we saw Tom Finney play

Jack Miller

Jack Miller 

My late father was born in Preston in the same week that Sir Tom was born and I grew up to endless footballing stories that either started or ended with "now if Tom Finney had been playing...". My dad was at Chelsea to witness the "splash" and one of his proudest possessions was Sir Tom's autograph which he obtained when he was about 75! Even though they were the same age in the same city my Dad never met Sir Tom except on one occasion that my Dad would rather have forgetten. One day when he was a boy and playing football with friends in a park, a boy they didn't know asked if he could join in. My dad and his friends said no. As the boy walked away my Dad asked if anyone knew what his name was to which one of the other friends said "Finney".

Paul Nicholson 

I was fortunate to see Sir Tom play. I also saw Stanley Mathews play and in my totally unbiased opinion, Sir Tom was the better player. He had the ability to shine in a number of forward positions, whereas Stanley's role was confined to the right wing. Sir Tom also had an excellent goalscoring record!

David Brown 

I never got the fantastic honour of seeing Sir Tom Finney play football, however i have been a Preston North End supporter since i was 3 years old. Having been going to watch since i was 9, i have heard countless stories about Sir Tom's career, Videos of him playing are played at Deepdale every matchday. Sir Tom Finney was an amazing football player and it is an honour to know that he played not only for Preston North End, but for England aswell. I would just like to say thankyou to you, Sir Tom Finney, you are a football legend, and although i never saw you play in person, i will always class you as Preston North Ends Best ever player. :D

Charlie Pilling 

Firstly Sir Tom thank you for the pleasure you gave a small boy, me, when watching you in the 1950's, but secondly thank you for your kind charity work. I will always remember my mum telling me how it was you who turned up one day to take her shopping when you were doing driving duty for old folks. Thanks again and all the best, David Hindle.

David Hindle 

Sir Tom, you are a legend. I will never forget North End and as a young man visiting the game and to watch history in the making. God Bless you.

Richard Valentine 

0.0 1.0 904 904 RIP Tommy, I remember lying in bed at the old Preston Royal Infirmary, just after Christmas 1950, I'd been knocked down by a car going to Choir Practice and my mum and dad had let Fan Tributes