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my late Dad always told me that Sir Tom Finney was "the greatest player who ever lived "
I never saw him play but used to look at the famous photograph for ages when I was small . Tom passed away today and I like to think that my dad knew a bit about football RIP

Dave Farren 

RIP Sir Tom.
A true LEGEND and Gentleman.
Condolences to Brian and all your family

The Russell Family 

Goodnight Sir Tom. A true local hero, the last of a breed. With love and thanks. Sharon, Darren, Sammi and Gemma xxxx

Sharon Ludlam 

R.I.P Sir Tom......
I have just heard that Sir
Tom has passed away tonight.....

Stuart Barnes 

More than a football legend and businessman. A true gentleman and a Preston icon. Rest in peace Sir Tom, you'll never be gone or forgotten. Your name is written right across the hearts of every Prestonian.

Paul Murphy 

Sorry to hear the news of your passing today Tom. You were a true gentleman of football being a part of the club you played for all your life. Great loss for the club as well as the rest of the footballing world. RIP

Marcus Kershaw 

Rip sir tom a true definition to the word legend. Will be sadly missed.

Oliver Morley 

five years ago i meet him and his words was "im going to put my boots back on"


That's my father, John Horton, in the "S Splash" section. Immensely proud of my dad and Sir Tom for their achievements. Only sorry we couldn't get them together to sign the photo before my father passed away in 2012. Have a copy hanging on my wall as do each of of my 3 siblings.

Cherry Horton-Edwards 

Dear Sir Tom,
Back in 1958 I had to go into hospital to have a life changing heart operation. My father wrote to you explaining that you were my hero and that there was a definite possibility that I would not survive, but a letter from you would be a great comfort.
You very kindly wrote to me, not from home, but on Hotel Gothenburg notepaper during the 1958 World Cup. You had just played for England and had drawn with Russia 2-2. To think that you had a) taken the time to write, but b) must have taken my address with you just defines the type of person you are. A gentleman in everything you do.
Then on your return from the World Cup you wrote again wishing me a speedy recovery since I had returned home. Treasured letters and treasured memories will always be with me and being fortunate to have also seen you play, I can honestly say you were my hero then and always will be.
Phil Hall

Phil Hall 

0.0 1.0 904 904 RIP Tommy, I remember lying in bed at the old Preston Royal Infirmary, just after Christmas 1950, I'd been knocked down by a car going to Choir Practice and my mum and dad had let Fan Tributes